Bob Woodward to Obama: 'Sometimes It Is Best to Just Be Quiet'

Bob Woodward to Obama: 'Sometimes It Is Best to Just Be Quiet'

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” veteran Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward gave President Barack Obama’s speech from last week low marks for not it’s lack of a desirable purpose to promote American foreign policy.

According to Woodward, Obama would have been better served to forego the speech altogether.

“There’s so much talk and I don’t think talk solves lots of these problems,” Woodward said. “In foreign policy, you’re trying to do two things — comfort your friends and scare the hell out of your enemies or your potential enemies. A speech like this does not have that effect because he said in effect, ‘We’re lowering the threshold to use the military. Sometimes it is best to just be quiet and not try to theorize and not try to explain here. And I think the explaining is just not working.”

“At the same time there are two jobs the president has and that is to protect the country and avoid unnecessary wars,” he added. “If you look at the record, you have to give Obama some credit. He’s protected the country and we have no had another war or unnecessary war.”

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