Krauthammer Criticizes 'Arrogance,' 'Ignorance' of Obama; Proposes Susan Rice 'Stay Home'

Krauthammer Criticizes 'Arrogance,' 'Ignorance' of Obama; Proposes Susan Rice 'Stay Home'

On Tuesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer maintained the Obama administration was within its constitutional authority to act on the deal for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. But he was critical of the manner in which President Barack Obama handled it, especially with the celebration.

“The mistake Obama made and this is part of his arrogance and also perhaps also ignorance is to celebrate the release with that press conference,” Krauthammer said. “When you make the swap, you know that the terms are uneven. You know the five guys that you have on the screen now are going to return and they are going to try to kill Americans. This is a somber and solemn thing that you do with regret and with sorrow, but you do it in the name of a code.”

He also reacted to National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s perceived misstatement made last Sunday regarding the deal and proposed she avoid that format from here on out.

“The Rice thing is inexplicable,” he added. “It seems to me there is something about Sunday mornings for Susan Rice. Apparently on that day she is unable to get within sight, in range of the truth. I think she ought to stay home Sunday mornings and let other people speak. Look, that’s obviously ridiculous and I also think that the way they presented this as a great triumph is ridiculous.”

“Let me end with one note. I respect your view,” Krauthammer continued. “I can see how someone would refuse to make the deal. It’s a tough call if a president were to go the other way I would not attack him on this. But let me say just one thing the Prime Minister of Israel is the toughest guy probably of running a government in the world today and he gave up 1,000 killers for one private. And he knew that would hurt the security of his country and it will. But sometimes in the West as a matter of honor for your country, you have to do it.”

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