Rolling Stone Scribe Smears Breitbart

Rolling Stone Scribe Smears Breitbart

On Wednesday, posted a video of Rolling Stone magazine’s Matthew Farwell accusing U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon mates of being “arranged by Republican strategists.”  Farwell responded Thursday on “CNN Newsroom” by accusing Breitbart of attacking him for a comparison that no one from the editorial Breitbart had apparently made.

“I saw this Breitbart thing where somehow they conflated me with al Qaeda,” Farwell said to host Carol Costello.

Farwell questioned the ability of lawmakers to question President Barack Obama as the commander-in-chief but added, “I’m not carrying any water for the administration.”

“For these lawmakers on Capitol Hill to be second-guessing anything that the commander in chief does, you know, screw them,” Farwell said. 

He also repeatedly touted his own military credential.

“I went over to Afghanistan for 16 months, and I fought for my country,” he said. “So I’ve earned the right to say whatever the hell I want.” 

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