Oliver North: Bergdahl's Captors Only Wanted Money

Oliver North: Bergdahl's Captors Only Wanted Money

Former Reagan Counterterrorism Col. Oliver North, who stated he “asked to be involved in some aspects of [the Bergdahl] situation,” and has met the former POW’s family, said that the militants holding Bergdahl prisoner did not want the release of hostages, only money on Friday’s episode of Hugh Hewitt’s radio show.

North argued that “all they ever wanted was money.” He expressed frustration with the fact that the administration “concocted the release of five very senior, very brutal terrorists,” including one who “butchered 100,000 people.” He also expressed that there was “no real control” over the released detainees.

Earlier in the interview, North argued that Bergdahl could have been suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and declared his wish that there would be justice “justice to him or for him.” He stated that this would only happen if Bergdahl was subjected to an Article 32 investigation, which could only occur if there was someone “with guts enough meaning stars on their soldiers to convene that Article 32 investigation.”

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