Breitbart's Shapiro Blasts 'Mafia-Esque' Obama Administration

Breitbart's Shapiro Blasts 'Mafia-Esque' Obama Administration

Breitbart Editor-At-Large and author of “The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against The Obama Administration,” laid out the case for the criminal prosecution of the “mafia-esque” Obama administration under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) on today’s “Sean Hannity Show.  

Shapiro expressed his frustration that despite the numerous scandals within the Obama administration “not one of these people [involved in the scandals] is in jail.”  He said that part of that is due to the fact that “possibly the greatest criminal in government,” Attorney General Eric Holder, refuses to hold members of government accountable, and “the people in the executive branch are simply not held to the same laws that we are.”

The abuse of power and lawlessness are so bad, according to Shapiro, that “President Obama could literally kill someone on national television tomorrow and not be prosecuted.” He added that the abuses of power are not due to incompetence, stating “I don’t think [Obama]’s incompetent, I think he’s very competent, I think he’s malevolent.”  Also, he stated that the executive’s misdeeds are also the fault of Congress because “the legislature doesn’t want to hold the executive accountable.”

Shapiro argued that the criminal abuse of power is not limited to the Obama administration and “we have to change the perception in this country that politicians are not criminals.” He said that he hopes “to get people to start thinking of politicians just how they think of everyone else who commits a crime,” and destroy the thinking that “we just need to elect different people” in order to fix Washington.  Ultimately, Shapiro says “we have to devolve power back to the people themselves” including changing the RICO statute to allow criminal charges against federal officials. 

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