Brit Hume: 'Obama Has an Interesting View of Wars and How They End'

Brit Hume: 'Obama Has an Interesting View of Wars and How They End'

During his Monday commentary segment on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” network senior political correspondent Brit Hume pointed out what have come to be inaccuracies in President Barack Obama’s view of the war in Iraq after reducing troop levels years earlier.

“President Obama has an interesting view of wars and how they end,” Hume said. “Most presidents bring the troops home when the war is over. Mr. Obama thinks he can end war by bringing the troops home. In fact, Mr. Obama at times thinks leaving is winning and the only thing better is not to get involved in the first place. It is true that in 2011 Iraq seemed a quiet place compared to its earlier years of bloody insurgency and chaos. So President Obama declared Obama to be, quote, ‘Sovereign, stable and self-reliant.’ And he brought the last of the American troops out.”

“It seemed not to occur to him the very presence of those forces coupled with the largest U.S. diplomatic mission in the world were a major region Iraq, a nation ripe with ethnic and religious divisions was holding together as well as it was,” he continued. “He had promised as a candidate to be, quote, ‘As careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in.’ But in his statements on the issue, all the emphasis was getting out and by a date certain. Well he kept that promise and, by the way, stayed out of Syria’s bloody conflict as well. Syria then proved the perfect place for the old al Qaeda in Iraq, which it suffered a major strategic defeat by the U.S. in Iraq to regroup and return under a new name even more brutal and dangerous than before. Three years ago this week, Mr. Obama declared the tide of war is receding. Can he or anyone say that now?”

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