Hillary 'Can't Answer' What She'd Do in Iraq

Hillary 'Can't Answer' What She'd Do in Iraq

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she “can’t answer” how she would handle the ongoing crisis in Iraq in her town hall interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday. When asked what she would do to about ISIS’s rapid march through the country she stated, “I can’t answer it except to tell you this, unless you get conditions met and assurances made by Maliki, remember he purged the military remember he purged the military we helped train, he forced out some of the most able commanders and you cannot run a military action against extremists like this if you don’t have the best possible military.”

Clinton also said “we are certainly not putting any American soldiers at risk, no boots on the ground,” and added that “with respect to the air attacks which have been mentioned, that has to be part of a larger package, and I believe that that is the subject of intense negotiations with the Iraqi government.”

Amanpour followed up, asking, “Does Iraq fall, or do you go in for a tactical reason in this case?”

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