Hume Rips Obama Economic, Foreign Policy: 'I Think We're Looking at a Failed Presidency'

Hume Rips Obama Economic, Foreign Policy: 'I Think We're Looking at a Failed Presidency'

On Tuesday’s “The Kelly File,” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume offered a big picture look at the Obama presidency and noted there was very little that has been improved upon economically nor pertaining to U.S. standing in the world that has come as a result of his foreign policy vision.

“[I]f you think of the issue that elected Barack Obama – the issue that was an avalanche on the Republican ticket in 2008, it was the economy,” Hume said on the economy to host Megyn Kelly. “And here we are now how many years into this administration, we have not had anything like the robust recovery that we’re accustomed to seeing after recession recessions, and especially after deep recessions. The unemployment rate is still persistently high, and down from what it was. But mostly, that’s because the workforce has been shrunk — not exactly a great achievement. So, if you’re looking at what the American people are feeling and sensing, that would be high on the list. And of course as I look out across the landscape of our borders and across the world, there seem to be problems virtually everywhere, and it’s hard to point to a place where things are really better than they were. There may be a few, but they are not the main ones.”

On his foreign vision, diminishing the United States’ role in the world was a “big idea,” but it hasn’t turned out well for Obama.

“Well I think, Megyn, that he had an idea,” Hume replied. “And it was a big idea at which was basically this as far as American foreign policy in the world was concerned, which was the American footprint in the world is too big and had done much harm, and that we as a nation have done our foreign adventures and the way we threw our weight around – we’re a big part of the problem. And if we withdrew and shrank our footprint, that things would get better. He says now that he believes deeply in American exceptionalism. But I think that he’s just saying that. He didn’t really. And, of course, you may recall he believed we were exceptional in the same way the Greeks believe that they’re exceptional. And O think what he did was, he diminish our footprint around the world and the view that that would eliminate this major aggravating factor in the world, which was the United States presence in foreign lands and their military. Well, he’s done it. We’re out of Iraq. And we’re seeing what’s happening there. We’re getting out of Afghanistan, the enemy is known for some time that we are. And it’s not at all clear to me that we — I mean clearly, look, you can blame George Bush for getting us … into Iraq, but he bequeathed to President Obama a better situation than we have now.”

Overall, Hume concluded we’re seeing a failed presidency for Obama.

“I hate to say it, because, you know, I’m an American,” Hume said. “I wanted the robust recovery. I wanted a more peaceful world. We don’t have. He’s failing. I certainly don’t think there’s much question about it. Things I suppose could turn around, but it’s hard for me to imagine that the same policies which he seems hesitant to change, are going to bring anything but similar results going forward. So, I think we’re looking at a failed presidency.”

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