Glenn Beck: 'Liberals, You Were Right, We Shouldn't Have' Gone Into Iraq

Glenn Beck: 'Liberals, You Were Right, We Shouldn't Have' Gone Into Iraq

During the opening monologue of his Tuesday radio show, Glenn Beck called for both sides of the ideological spectrum to come together and “heal” for the country, part of which involved unifying on the notion that the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq was a mistake.

Beck explained to his audience he regretted supporting the invasion, but first explained why he was behind it from the beginning.

“Maybe we can come together on this nightmare in Iraq,” Beck said. “From the beginning, most people on the left were against going into Iraq. I wasn’t. At the time I believed that the United States was under threat from Saddam Hussein. I really truly believed that Saddam Hussein was funding terrorists. We knew that. He was funding the terrorists in Hamas. We knew that he was giving money. We could track that. We knew he hated us. We knew that without a shadow of a doubt. It wasn’t much or a stretch to believe that he would fund a terror strike against us, especially since he would say that. So I took him at his word.

He added that the Hussein imposing torture on his own people, the threat of Hussein’s of mass destruction and what he call the yearning for people to be free were additional reason for his support of the 2003 military action. But according to Beck, it turned out that skeptics on the left of this military action were of the correct mindset because the desired outcome was not possible.

“Now, in spite of the things I felt at the time when we went into war, liberals said: We shouldn’t get involved,” he added. “We shouldn’t nation-build. And there was no indication the people of Iraq had the will to be free. I thought that was insulting at the time. Everybody wants to be free. They said we couldn’t force freedom on people. Let me lead with my mistakes. You are right. Liberals, you were right. We shouldn’t have.

Beck went on to add his skepticism the seeds of democracy would ever take root in Iraq, despite the United States’ best efforts to plant them and declared any further military action to thwart the deterioration situation to be Republicans “politicizing” Iraq as a means of getting at President Barack Obama.

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