Chaffetz: IRS Email 'Stonewalling' Is 'Infuriating'

Chaffetz: IRS Email 'Stonewalling' Is 'Infuriating'

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) slammed the Internal Revenue Service for “stonewalling” the congressional investigation into the illegal targeting of Tea Party groups in an appearance on the Fox News Channel on Wednesday. Chaffetz focused particular scrutiny on IRS commissioner testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

He stated, “On March 26 of this year, we had the IRS commissioner come before our committee. I asked him if they had the emails what are they doing with those e-mails? He said they have all of them and they were toward on servers. Was he disingenuous then, was he lying to us then, was he totally not informed?”

He agreed that the IRS was “stonewalling” Congress, and expressed frustrating that the initial DOJ investigator was a “max out donor to the Obama administration,” adding that it is “so infuriating how bold they are to just say ‘No, we’re not going to do what you ask us to do.'”

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