MSNBC's Ball: Is 'Tone Deaf' Hillary the Democrats' Mitt Romney?

MSNBC's Ball: Is 'Tone Deaf' Hillary the Democrats' Mitt Romney?

MSNBC’s “The Cycle” co-anchor Krystal Ball asked whether Hillary Clinton has become the Democratic Party’s version of Mitt Romney with her recent “tone deaf” and “dissonant” comments regarding her wealth and position on same sex marriage.  

Ball stated “I’ve begun asking myself an uncomfortable question, is Hillary Clinton our Mitt Romney?” And, “Did her dead broke comment make you think just for a second about Mitt saying Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs or he likes firing people?” 

She continued the Romney-Clinton comparison, arguing that “like Mitt after decades in public service we still can only speculate on what Hillary Clinton is all about” because “for the Clintons, everything is carefully poll tested and focus grouped and weathervaned.”  

Ball even questioned the sincerity of Clinton’s political beliefs, asking “if marriage equality was still a drag for candidates, do you think Hillary would have come out in support?”  She concluded by proclaiming that Clinton appears to be repeating the mistakes of her last presidential run where “it seemed like the real answer to why she was running for president was simply because she wanted to be president.”

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