'Morning Joe' Panel Mocks IRS Excuses

'Morning Joe' Panel Mocks IRS Excuses

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” were not convinced by the IRS’s claims that it lost the emails of multiple officials allegedly involved in the targeting of Tea Party groups and recycled Lois Lerner’s hard drive during Thursday morning’s broadcast.  

Host Joe Scarborough stated “emails are forever, at least in advanced civilizations because, you know, if you go to, like, places look like the scene out of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ where they’re beating sticks maybe their emails get lost and they go ‘our emails are lost! Let’s destroy all of the computers!’ because that’s what the IRS did. They said, ‘Oh, wait we lost emails, we better just throw away the computers!'”  

Co-anchor Willie Geist said it was “strange tech support work, to throw the computer away.”  Scarborough added that panelist Mike Barnicle should respond to the audit he is currently facing by claiming he “recycled” his financial documents. 

(h/t Free Beacon)

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