Cheney: US Will Be Attacked in Next Decade

Cheney: US Will Be Attacked in Next Decade

In an interview set to air on Tuesday night’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” former Vice President Dick Cheney predicted that there will be a terrorist attack on the United States homeland in the next decade. 

Cheney added that he thinks this attack will be “far deadlier than the last one.”  Earlier in the interview, he expressed strong concern over the instability in Pakistan, arguing, “If there’s a place now … where you could get linkage between terrorists on the one hand, and nuclear weapons on the other, Pakistan comes immediately to mind.” 

He reported that Pakistani officials provided nuclear technology to North Korea, and stated, “If they would sell that technology to the North Koreans, you would suppose that they would sell a weapon or that their controls are loose enough that somebody could get their hands on a weapon. It’s a dangerous situation.” 

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