Official Defends VA as 'Good System'

Official Defends VA as 'Good System'

Dr. Thomas Lynch, the Assistant Deputy Undersecretary for Health for Clinical Operations at the Department of Veterans Affairs, claimed the VA was a “good system” that compares favorably with the private-sector in terms of quality of care and patient satisfaction in his testimony before the House Veterans Affairs Committee last night. 

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) disagreed with Lynch’s characterization, and expressed strong doubt in the current leadership at the VA.  He responded, “It’s not a good system…not if you’re a veteran,” and accused Lynch of “glossing this stuff over.” 

Coffman continued his attack on Lynch stating, “You’re part of the problem,” and, “You’re in denial,” before labeling the VA “the most mismanaged agency in the federal government.” 

He concluded by attacking the massive bonuses given to VA officials, and declared “that’s the only thing y’all seem to be effective in is writing checks to each other.”

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