Dem Rep Attempts to Give Republicans Red Card on Immigration

Dem Rep Attempts to Give Republicans Red Card on Immigration

On Wednesday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) told Republican House members “you’re out. Hit the showers,” and attempted to channel the World Cup in his criticism of the GOP for failing to pass comprehensive immigration reform. 

Gutierrez argued Republicans turned their back on their own members, turned their backs on the American people, turned their backs on Latino voters and those trying to save the Republican Party from itself.”  He stated that he hoped the “better angels in the Republican Party would tap down the rational and angry angels, blocking reform.” 

Gutierrez then used soccer to shame the GOP by red carding them, although he accidently showed a yellow card first, and then had to stop his speech for a few seconds while he fished around for the red card in his jacket.  He concluded that Republicans had lost their chance to participate in further discussions on immigration, and that “the president has no other choice but to act within existing law to ensure that our deportation policies are humane.” 

Gutierrez, who despite being a Democrat, apparently wanted Republicans to win the presidential election in 2016, predicted “the Republican presidential nominee, whoever he or she may be, will enter the race with an electoral college deficit they cannot make up.”

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