John Fund: Cochran Won with 'Al Sharpton's Playbook'

John Fund: Cochran Won with 'Al Sharpton's Playbook'

Columnist and American Spectator magazine senior editor John Fund argued that Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) supporters won using “dirty tactics” and “playing from Al Sharpton’s playbook” in an interview on Laura Ingraham’s Wednesday radio show.

He pointed out that a lot of the millions of dollars in donations from lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce to Cochran’s campaign “went for walking around money, which is parlance for going to minority ministers and preachers, and saying ‘here’s a bunch of money, we expect you to get your congregation to the polls,’” and argued that Democratic voters made the difference in Cochran’s primary race against State Sen. Chris McDaniel.

He continued, “You cannot possibly imagine how much the Republican establishment has turned politics on its head,” and declared that if GOP incumbents were attacked by Democrats in the same way Cochran attacked McDaniel “they would be screaming.”  Fund ultimately concluded “the establishment’s message to average voters who want to have a change is ‘We don’t care.’ Whatever it is, we’re going to find a way to stop you.”

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