Coulter: Hillary 'Rape' Tape 'Bigger Than Benghazi', Depicts Clintons as 'Con Artists'

Coulter: Hillary 'Rape' Tape 'Bigger Than Benghazi', Depicts Clintons as 'Con Artists'

On Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, conservative columnist Ann Coulter, author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” explained why a recently uncovered recording of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 1980s boasting about her defense of a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl will prove harmful to Clinton’s potential presidential bid and more broadly the Democratic meme of a Republican “war on women.”

Coulter explained to host Sean Hannity it feeds into the narrative that the former first lady and her husband are “con artists,” especially when you examine the particulars of this case.

“[I] think this is a pretty serious matter and I first heard about it on your radio show. I didn’t know what you were talking about. I don’t think this is going to go over well with normal people because it fits in with the idea of the Democratic Party and particularly the Clintons that that they are just con artists pretending to care about the little guy while they’re using legal trickery to perpetrate injustices on the weak and powerless, which is what Hillary Clinton did here. I mean, this poor girl, if you read about the crime was, it’s quite shocking – more than comes across in that little fake southern accent conversation she gives. It was two guys who brutally raped and beat a 12-year-old girl what was a virgin. She was made infertile. She was in a coma for five days.”

“And Hillary Clinton not only defended this guy — do not believe what they saying elsewhere – that lawyers are required to do this,” Coulter continued. “You know, oddly enough, I am a lawyer. I practice law. I don’t know any lawyers who have defended criminals personally — you have to reach out to take these cases. No one forces you to defend Ted Bundy. It’s always the same lawyers doing it. In any event, she submitted an affidavit claiming that this poor 12-year-old girl was a fantasist, that she had falsely accused people before. When the girl was presented with this recently, she didn’t know Hillary had worked so hard to get her rapist off. She said, “I don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s lying in this affidavit.’ How can we trust her as president if she’ll lie in a court case to defend the rapist of a young girl? And I just think it fits into this, ‘Oh, I feel your pain’ phoniness of the Clintons.”

Coulter explained why this recording could prove to be more problematic for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid than the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

“Often the scandals that hurt the most, like Gary Hart, for example, being caught in the monkey business having an affair — when it hurts the most is when it fits into an image people have a sneaking suspicion people have you,” she continued. “And that is the suspicion that people have of the Clintons, the big defenders of women and children. She’s laughing about getting a guilty rapist off. This is a big issue. I think it’s bigger than Benghazi.”

Coulter added this and other cases involving rape where Democrats and liberals have played a support role for the accused rapist will erode the notion that a Republican “war on women” exists.

“This nonsense — I never want to hear about the Republican ‘war on women’ anymore,” she added.

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