CNN's Borger: SCOTUS Proves Obama has Overreached

CNN's Borger: SCOTUS Proves Obama has Overreached

Immediately following the announcement of the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby on the ObamaCare contraception mandate on Monday, CNN chief political Analyst Gloria Borger declared that “the Supreme Court has kind of crystallized [the GOP’s] main political argument” that President Barack Obama has “overreached” and engaged in an “imperial presidency.” 

Borger stated that the Democratic Party line that Republicans are fighting a “war on women” is an effective argument, but emphasized that Republican arguments about “the overreach of the Obama administration,” and claims that “Obamacare has overreached” are receiving “ratification” from the Supreme Court in its rulings on recess appointments and the Hobby Lobby decision. 

She added that the Supreme Court’s ruling “kind of plays into [the Republican] midterm election playbook, which is that if you don’t like government, which most people don’t, you have to restrain a president who is overreaching and using government way too much.”

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