Stephen Hayes: Hillary's Birth Control Remarks 'Really a Clown Show'

Stephen Hayes: Hillary's Birth Control Remarks 'Really a Clown Show'

On Tuesday’s “Special Report,” the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other Democrats reactions to Monday’s Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, which have led them to make statements about women being deprived of contraceptives.

Hayes predicted this would be a trend in political ads and would go uncorrected by the media.

“I think it’s largely because absurd statements like that are unlikely to go corrected,” Hayes said. “We’re not going to have front page above the fold correct-the-record stories in The New York Times about Hillary Clinton saying preposterous things. I mean, that is really a clown show what she just said. Remember, this is the same woman in coming out of her tenure as secretary of state saying the United States was the most brutal political system in the world. It’s absurd she would say that. If she were right then there would be lots of repercussions based on what she now. She would get a lot of grief now. But she’s going to be given a pass.”

“The president, the White House yesterday said the fact that women are going to be denied contraception all over the place,” he continued. “Democrats are going to say this. They’re going to make these arguments, they’re going to use this in ads and it won’t be corrected because most people in the media believe the same thing.”

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