Hume: WH Not Provoking Constitutional Crisis, Is Looking to Accelerate Deportations

Hume: WH Not Provoking Constitutional Crisis, Is Looking to Accelerate Deportations

On Tuesday’s “The Kelly File,” Fox News senior political analysis Brit Hume was reluctant to criticize President Barack Obama’s reaction to the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision earlier this week and his handling of the crisis involving the influx of illegal Central American youths on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Hume suggested the reaction from White House to the court decision was expected. And on the handling of the border crisis, Hume said the administration looks to be attempting to accelerate the deportation of those Central American youth, which he said was hardly provoking a “constitutional crisis.”

“Well he’s kind of gasping for air,” Hume said. “Let’s break this down a little bit, Megyn. First of all Josh Earnest the press secretary did not say the president would not abide by the decision, he simply said the president disagreed with them. What do you expect him to say? His lawyers have just argued the other side that loss in the course, of course he’s going to say he disagrees with it. And he know that it was a constitutional or he didn’t say he would defy it, and then he said yesterday, as you pointed out, that he was trying to do something about immigration reform. But let’s look at what he’s already trying to do on immigration reform or in immigration.”

“He’s trying to stop this flood of illegal into the country,” he continued. “Republicans are constantly saying, the president wants them to come in, because he believes and his party believes that they’ll end up voting Democratic, what he’s trying to do is to accelerate the deportation process for this flood of young children who have come into the country illegally. So, that doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that’s going to win in many points with his own base, and surely, he going to infuriate Republicans nor do I think it’s been the law doesn’t provide for the possibility that he might be able to do that because, what’s bringing these kids here is the way the law is now written, unlike kids from Mexico or Canada, or people from Mexico or Canada who come here illegally, they can’t be immediately deported, they have to be put through a process, and the process is what keeps them in the country. He’s trying to accelerate the process for their deportation. That doesn’t seem to me like they’re going to provoke a constitutional crisis.”

Later Hume noted all the pointed to the other struggles of the Obama presidency and pointed to the one apparent flaw of the Obama presidency, which unlike his Democratic predecessor, former President Bill Clinton, Obama appears to proceeding forward despite any obstacles from the legislative and judicial branches.

“I think it’s potentially dangerous, I agree with that, but remember, think of the difference between him and Bill Clinton,” he said. “Bill Clinton went for a health care reform law that was disastrously unpopular, didn’t even come to a vote. He and his party lost control of Congress and the house for the first time in decades, in the next election. Bill Clinton took a look at that and said, I think I better change the way I do business, and he tacked to the center and the grand liberal programs. He said — you remember the famous statement that the era of big government was over? And all of that, this is exactly what Barack Obama did not do, and this is exactly what he’s not doing now, that is to say, he’s not going to accommodate his critics or his ideological adversaries, he’s going to keep plowing straight ahead to this that he can.”

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