RNC Chair Priebus: Obama 'Views His Presidency More as a Kingship'

RNC Chair Priebus: Obama 'Views His Presidency More as a Kingship'

On Tuesday’s episode of Fox News Channel’s “On the Record,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus condemned President Barack Obama for his efforts and his outspokenness in challenging requirement of congressional authority in his abilities to exercise some executive powers.

“[T]he president takes the cake though,” Priebus said. “He takes the blue ribbon. He has been struck down over 13 times in the past two years by the Supreme Court saying that you are overextending your power, that you are not respecting Article 1 of the Constitution, which grants the power to the House, which, and the Senate. And so, look, what this president is doing, I think, flies in the face of the foundation of what the basis is of the Constitution. I think John Boehner is absolutely right in his lawsuit against this president. And I do think he has got standing. I think if any person in America — I understand the injury argument. We’re both lawyers. But as Speaker of the House, as the person who is directing traffic in Congress, and passing in regard to passing these laws, it’s his job and his responsibility and the president wants to be president. He wants to be Speaker of the House. He wants to be Majority Leader of the Senate. And he wants to be the Court.”

“This is a president that views his presidency more as a kingship than it does as bound by Article Two of the Constitution,” he later added.

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