Rand Paul: US Foreign Policy in Mideast 'A Disaster'

Rand Paul: US Foreign Policy in Mideast 'A Disaster'

On Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) castigated the Obama administration on various grounds including for its handling of the U.S. southern border and it’s policies regard ISIS in Iraq and Hamas in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

On ISIS’s spread in Syria and Iraq, Paul pointed to past actions where the United States had armed various militant rebel groups, which are now turning on the United States and its chief ally in the region, Israel.

“It’s a disaster and here’s the thing – we’ve been funding people who are allied with ISIS,” Paul said. “ISIS is stronger because we have been funding Islamic rebels in Syria. There’s also people coming from Libya as well. Libya is basically a jihadist wonderland. Syria is becoming a jihadist wonderland. And really our involvement there is to the help the Islamic rebels. We say it’s moderate rebels, but one of the groups we have given anti-tank weapons to has publically said they will turn the weapons on Israel as soon as they get a chance and they’ll try to take the Golan Heights back. So, we have no idea who we are giving weapons to. And guess what? These people will lie to us. They will say they are our friends. And thy will take our weapons and turn them either on us or Israel. It’s a big mistake. It is a three- or four- or five-way civil war.”

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