Weekly Republican Address Calls for America's Energy Independence Day

Weekly Republican Address Calls for America's Energy Independence Day

Delivering the weekly Republican address, Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR) reflects on the Declaration of Independence and our ongoing mission to ensure Americans have a voice in their government and their economy.

Transcript as follows:

There’s nothing like the Fourth of July, a day to bask in America’s glory and to dream of better days ahead.

You know, that’s part of the genius in the Declaration of Independence. It isn’t just about what America was, it’s a vision of what she could be, of what we should always strive for. A land where the people rule, where the common man or woman can advance themselves, their families and the common good.

America’s greatness has aways been rooted in our creative minds, and entrepreneurial spirit, our ability to make things, make the most of our resources, to control our economic destiny. That’s why you see Republicans working so hard to capitalize on America’s energy rennaissance.

Consider the possibilities: It starts by building the Keystone Pipeline. Put thousands of Americans to work, show we’re serious about our energy future. We set into motion more plants, pipelines and transmission lines, bringing low-cost energy, safely, to consumers across the land. We back projects on-shore and off-shore, creating more jobs and eliminating our dependance on unstable parts of the world. We establish predictable regulations, the kind of certainty that allows business to plan ahead, invest here, and bring jobs back to our main streets and town squares. We build a truly stable electric grid, protecting us from everything from blackouts to security threats, and we boost exports so we can supply our allies with affordable and reliable energy and fuel our economy at the same time.

The opportunities seem endless, don’t they? But the usual politics, red tape and government fixes that never seem to pan out stand in our way.

For years, Washington has denied the American people the chance to seize their economic destiny. Well, Republicans are fighting every day to make these opportunities possible again. We pledge this to you, the people we serve. Together, let’s renew the spirit of 1776, the spirit that gave birth to a nation with so many blessings. And never rest until the work is done.

For now, my family and I give thanks for our fore-fathers who made all this possible. We extend our prayers to the men and women sacrificing to keep us safe. And we wish you and yours a healthy and happy Independence Day.

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