Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Minute: Obama's Provocation

Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Minute: Obama's Provocation

Transcript as follows:

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. 

The idea that there is one set of laws everybody must abide by is a central precept of our Republic. For over five years, however – as former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has documented in his new book, Faithless Execution – President Obama has been selectively enforcing some laws and unilaterally modifying, or dispensing altogether, with others.

This practice has, for example, encouraged an invasion along our southern border that is creating threats to public safety and the national security. It is provoking some Americans to consider enforcing the law themselves, risking a violent response from federal authorities and possibly a broader crackdown by Team Obama on our freedoms.

One wonders: Is President Obama trying to provoke such a “fundamental transformation” of the United States with his contempt for the rule of law?

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