Donna Brazile: Recent Supreme Court Decisions Are 'Perverse'

Donna Brazile: Recent Supreme Court Decisions Are 'Perverse'

This weekend at the American Federation of Teachers union delegates meeting in Los Angeles, former Democratic National Committee chairwoman and political consultant Donna Brazile announced her new group “Democrats for Public Education” with an attack on Republicans and the Supreme Court.

After announcing “Democrats for Public Education,” Brazile said she would like to include Republicans — if they “could ever figure out a way to tell the truth.”

Brazile also criticized a recent decision by a Los Angeles County Superior Court that struck down tenure protections for teachers in California as unconstitutional.

“To declare teacher tenure illegal because it violates students civil rights is perverse,” Brazile said. “It is perverse as ruling from the Supreme Court about voters rights  and it’s perverse at the Supreme Court recent decision to Hobby Lobby, on employees right and women’s rights”  adding “I might also say its as perverse as Bush V Gore but we are not going to go back that far.” 

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