Clift: Gaza Should Have 'Access to the Outside World'

Clift: Gaza Should Have 'Access to the Outside World'

On Friday’s “McLaughlin Group” on PBS, Daily Beast contributor Eleanor Clift argued that Israel deserves some blame for shooting rockets into “densely populated areas” and that Gaza’s residents should be given “access to the outside world.”

After National Review’s Rich Lowry pointed out that the images of dead civilians in Gaza “are the pictures that Hamas wants. That is why Hamas bases its operation in densely-populated areas, exactly so civilians will die,” Clift objected. “Gaza is about the size of Philadelphia with almost 2 million people, the whole place is densely populated,” she argued.  Israel needs to come up with “another strategy and giving the people who live in this densely-populated area some access to the outside world,” Clift said.

After Clift’s criticism of Israel, Lowry pointed out “[the Israelis] left 10 years ago, unilaterally, they left the greenhouses all in place, they wanted to give them the chance to create a decent policy. Instead, you have another failed terror state that’s launching hundreds of rockets at Israel.”

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