Israeli Official: US Calls for Restraint 'Not the Right Message'

Israeli Official: US Calls for Restraint 'Not the Right Message'

Naftalli Bennett, a Major in the IDF Reserves and a member of the Israeli Security Cabinet said he thought the US calling for restraint in the Israel-Hamas conflict “is not exactly the right message.” 

In an interview on Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Huckabee,” Bennett stated, “the United States is our biggest and best friend and we appreciate this connection.” 

“However to ask Israel to restrain itself after receiving over a thousand rockets on our towns, I think that’s not exactly the right message and I think that Israel and anyone should not be expected to incur and take hits forever” he added. “We are defending ourselves and to ask us to restrain ourselves against radical Islamic group[s] is not the right message.”

Bennett was undeterred by calls for restraint and declared, “I’ll be very clear. Israel uses an Iron Dome to protect itself but right now we’re moving from the Iron Dome to an iron fist and we’ll fight anyone who wants to destroy the Jewish state in Israel.”

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