Greg Abbott: Obama Has Turned His Back on the State of Texas

Greg Abbott: Obama Has Turned His Back on the State of Texas

Monday on Fox News Channel’s’ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R-TX) explained Governor Rick Perry’s (R-TX) move to deploy the Texas National Guard to protect the border was necessary because President Obama has “turned his back” on the state of Texas.

Abbott explained the citizens of Texas are not being protected by their federal government from “very dangerous cartel members, MS-13 gang members, some of the worst of the worst,” causing crime and sexual assault to rise.

The current Texas gubernatorial candidate said, “I think the federal government has turned its back on the state of Texas.” He added, “the President has turned his back.”

Abbott continued “It was two weeks ago the President was in Austin, Texas, just a few hundred miles away from the border, and he had his hand out taking money from people here for political purposes, and he could not trouble himself to go down to the border and see firsthand for himself the catastrophe that he was partly responsible for creating, let alone providing the money to help us deal with that situation.”

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