Obama Urges Supporters to Ignore 'Phony Scandals,' 'Fleeting' Headlines

Obama Urges Supporters to Ignore 'Phony Scandals,' 'Fleeting' Headlines

Wednesday in Kansas City, MO, President Barack Obama told the audience of supporters  to ignore the “phony scandals” and “fleeting” news stories currently dogging his administration.

The president said, “Sometimes Washington forgets, you know, your lives and what your going through day to day, the struggles and but also the opportunities, the hopes, the good things and some times the rough things thats more important then some of the phony scandals and fleeting stories you see.” 

The president was not specific about which scandals and headlines are “phony’ but currently his hands off approach to the unaccompanied minors flooding the border, Israel, Ukraine, and the shooting down of Malaysian flight MH17 has caused his approval rating to plummet to an all time low of 39 positive to 54 negative according to Gallop.

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