Scarborough Doubles Down on Israel-Hamas Conflict 'Bad for America' Remarks

Scarborough Doubles Down on Israel-Hamas Conflict 'Bad for America' Remarks

On Friday’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough reiterated his argument that the conflict between Israel and Hamas is a no-win situation for Israel because of efforts by Israeli detractors to show Israel is targeting civilians in Gaza.

Scarborough offered sneered at his critics and maintained the conflict was bad for not only Israel, but the United States as well.

“The reality on the ground in Gaza is clear to all,” Scarborough said. “The prolonged killing of children and women in Palestinian territories will only serve to weaken Israel and serve to strengthen Hamas. Tragically, this comes at a time when Hamas leadership was on the run. They were hated at home. They were isolated abroad. And then this began.”

“Yes, they fired missiles into Israel,” he continued. “Why? Because they were on the verge of political destruction in Gaza. But now, every day that goes by with images of children being pulled out of the rubble, bombed-out schools, bombed-out hospitals, bombed-out marketplaces is a day that only makes Hamas stronger and threatens Israel’s long-term security. That’s bad for Israel. That’s bad for America. And that’s bad for Middle East peace.”

“And think about this while you’re going down your punch list of what you think people on the extremes will write?” Scarborough added. “Blindly supporting Israel and Israeli politicians, when their actions may actually be strengthen their enemies and our enemies like Hamas is no way to show your support and no way to show your friendship.”

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