Coulter: 'The Media Is Lying' About Immigration Law at Southern Border

Coulter: 'The Media Is Lying' About Immigration Law at Southern Border

On Saturday’s “Justice w/Judge Jeanine,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter discussed the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, in which tens of thousands of unaccompanied youth from Central America have crossed into the United States.

However, Coulter argued the media was misrepresenting the statute that has allowed for those unaccompanied minors to gain entry into the United States, whereas youth from nations contiguous to the United States would be turned back.

“The media is lying about it. It is hard for people to understand because the media has lied so much about it. To be admitted at all, and not just turned away like Mexican children are – you know they’re turned away at the border. Every other illegal alien to show up on any country in the world other than the United States, I’m sorry, you can’t be here. You cannot enter. The reason he is bringing them all in is well obviously to change the country into Central America so we will never have another Republican president. Unaccompanied children is defined as someone who does not have a relative in the United States. In the law, that is what it says. The reason for that I think is obvious – is because if you’re sneaking across the border, and mom and dad live here, well then you’re probably not being sex trafficked. You’re trying to reunite with your family. Ninety percent of them are being sent to relatives in the United States.

Coulter went on to say the aim of the Obama administration was for pure political gain.

“The Democrat plan is bring in third-worlders, get them on welfare and get them a voter’s registration card,” she added.

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