Ben Shapiro Blasts CNN for Anti-Israel Bias

Ben Shapiro Blasts CNN for Anti-Israel Bias

Monday on CNN’s “Tonight,” Breitbart Editor at Large Ben Shapiro slammed that news network’s anti-Israel coverage.

Shapiro explained CNN has been making a moral equivalency between the terrorist group Hamas and Israel which is fighting for its survival. 

“There’s no question. Hamas is a terrorist group and people going in understood Hamas to be a terrorist group. Israel, thanks to outlets like CNN, has been turned into the villain in this particular scenario and a moral equivalency has been drawn,” he said. “If Hamas could have come up with any sort of outlet that would have created a will to kill more Jewish babies and Palestinian babies, CNN would be it. CNN is a key factor in drawing the same sort of equivalency.”

Host Alisyn Camerota challenged Shapiro’s criticism of her network, but Shapiro fired back. 

“You should mention all restrictions that Hamas puts on your reporting in the Gaza Strip,” he said. “You should mention the context with regard to Hamas putting children in harm’s way. You should also routinely mention that Hamas calls for the end of the State of Israel and the murder of Jews across the world.”

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