Obama's Amnesty: Stoddard – 'Constitutional Crisis'; Founier – 'Nuclear Bomb'

Obama's Amnesty: Stoddard – 'Constitutional Crisis'; Founier – 'Nuclear Bomb'

On Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” on Wednesday, The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard and National Journal’s Ron Fournier speculated on the how President Barack Obama’s decision to impose amnesty by executive fiat would be received.

Both were very down on that possibility, describing the potential outcome in very dire terms.

“If President Obama goes too far on this — whether it’s within his legal right or not — the outrage will be so incredible on the Republican side, it will probably bring more Democratic losses this fall,” Stoddard said. “Because I don’t know that Latinos are going to turn out this fall as a result of this issue. But it also could become a constitutional crisis.”

“[T]he fundamental reason he became president was he was promising ‘There’s no red state, there’s no blue state — I’m going to bring the country together,’” Fournier said. “He’s been a polarizing president, and this would be a nuclear bomb that would blow open and make this country even more divided in a way that most Americans just don’t want.”

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