CNN's Keilar: Hillary's Iraq Statement a 'Slam' of Obama

CNN's Keilar: Hillary's Iraq Statement a 'Slam' of Obama

CNN senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar reported that Hillary Clinton’s criticism of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy was a political “slam” of the president on Monday’s “CNN Newsroom.” 

“She’s talking about how that’s more of a political argument than a foreign policy argument, this is a slam. She’s critical of President Obama” Keilar stated. 

She added that Clinton needed to distance herself from the president’s unpopular foreign policy “you see her here being very candid. You also have to look at this of course through the prism of 2016. She is the frontrunner by far for Democrats at this point.  And in that regard, this is something that’s necessary. She will need to distance herself from President Obama. He’s unpopular right now, especially when it comes to foreign policy, and certainly this is an area that’s a safe bet.”

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