Dana Milbank: America 'Miserable' Under 'Stubborn' Obama

Dana Milbank: America 'Miserable' Under 'Stubborn' Obama

On Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank took a subtle jab at Obama, saying, “Considering how miserable all of America is, a 39 percent approval rating actually isn’t that bad.

Milbank also took a swipe at the president’s stubbornness as well saying he is “very stubborn when it comes to getting out there on the golf course.” 

“Why isn’t he as forceful when it comes to, say, getting unemployment insurance through, when it comes to getting more of his domestic agenda through, gun control, all the other things where he seems to give a speech and then tiptoe away from it,” Milbank said. “If he could be as stubborn as he is about continuing his golf game about some of his domestic policies, I think we might get some results.”

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