Jessie Jackson Calls Michael Brown Death 'State Execution'

Jessie Jackson Calls Michael Brown Death 'State Execution'

Friday on MSNBC, civil rights activist Jesse Jackson likened Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, who allegedly got into a confrontation that ended with the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, the suspect of convenience store robbery, to a “state execution.”

Jackson said, “The fact of the matter is that the police have released this report, this video seven days later, but how many times was he shot? And where was he shot? And why he lie in the street for several hours? That was a kind of state execution.”

“But it’s such a pattern,” he continued. “It’s Trayvon shot and the killer walks free. It’s Oscar Grant in Oakland. it’s Abner Louima in New York. Unless we have some white house policy on urban policy and reconstruction that all these cities are like dry ships.”

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