FNC's Harrigan Slams Ferguson Police: 'This Is Amateur Hour'

FNC's Harrigan Slams Ferguson Police: 'This Is Amateur Hour'

Reporting live from the protests in Fergson, MO, Fox News Channel’s Steve Harrigan shot back at the “amateur hour” law enforcement tactics of which he was caught in the middle.

Harrigan said, “I’ve got to tell you, Shepherd, this is amateur hour right here. It just doesn’t seem to be well organized and well thought out. rushing one protester? There is not a lot of professionalism across the street from me — not good.”

Host Shepard Smith replied , “I don’t see what is bringing about this level of response. I don’t understand what’s happening is causing police officers to come in with guns, trained on these people who are otherwise relatively calm.”

Harrigan concluded, “You know there are different groups in this crowd. Have you to keep that in mind. There are carefully dressed community organizers with microphones who are polite and people throwing things at police. there are people with different goals here. And evidently, when the police feel like they see someone throwing something or doing something wrong, or posing a threat they charge in. But you know they’re charging into a crowd. It seems ineffective as you can see and inflammatory and dangerous. We’re going to have a stampede here.”

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