Michael Browns Autopsy Results Detailed

Michael Browns Autopsy Results Detailed

Monday, the attorneys for the family Michael Brown, Dr. Michael Baden and Professor Shawn Parcells held a news conference to comment on the newly released autopsy showing Brown was shot at least six times, which included one fatal shot to the top of the head.

Parcells detailed the injures saying, “Dr. Baden and I concluded he was shot six times. one to the top of the head. the apex. We have one that entered just above the right eye brow. We’ve got one that entered the top part of the right arm. We’ve got a graze wound, a superficial graze wound to the middle part of the right arm. We’ve got a wound that entered the medial aspect of the right arm, and we’ve got a deep graze wound that produced a laceration to the palm of the right hand.”

“These two, where thes are, represent what Dr. Baden and feel are possible reentry wounds. The wound that hit the forehead right above the eye brow actually came out right around the right eye and went back in. Then it exited again right here at the jaw line and came out and went back into the right shoulder. That’s from one bullet. We have to confirm that with the first autopsy. This wound right here to the side of the chest is a possible reentry wound. Which wound on the arm that correlates to we’re not sure. We have to correlate all of this with the first autopsy.” he added.

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