Russell Brand: MSNBC Is 'Extremely Conservative'

Russell Brand: MSNBC Is 'Extremely Conservative'

In an appearance on “The Young Turks” webcast post on YouTube earlier today, Russell Brand discussed the state of the American media, which he described to be overwhelmingly conservative.

Brand specifically addressed MSNBC, in which he was a guest last year and was very critical of on which the show he had appeared, “Morning Joe.” 

“I think the reason that people say that the media is liberal is to preemptively prevent true liberalism [from] emerging. I think if you say, ‘The media is so liberal, so pro-homosexuals and pro-lefties’ – then in a kind of nervous in promoting idea of equality and unity and togetherness. The media is an extremely conservative institution. I’ve been on that MSNBC before. It is an extremely conservative idea.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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