Dem. Congressman: ISIS Will try to Attack US

Dem. Congressman: ISIS Will try to Attack US

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, predicted that ISIS is “going to try to attack us on the homeland” on Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day.” 

“I think we had to know that when we get involved with airstrikes, that ISIS is going to strike back at us in any way they can, certainly with anybody they hold, but also they’re going to try to attack us on the homeland” he said. 

Schiff did argue that the president’s policies have been effective and the US should not put troops on the ground, “there’s nothing that ISIS would like more than having us reintroduce ground troops in Iraq, for example” he declared. 

And “we need a comprehensive strategy, but too often the comprehensive strategies for Senators Graham (R-SC) and McCain (R-AZ) has been either sending in boots on the ground, or striking first and thinking thereafter. If we had gone in and become the Iraqi Air Force, as I think they were advocating, Maliki may still very much be in charge in Iraq,”

He also pointed out that airstrikes alone would not be sufficient to stop ISIS adding “there are some very effective things we can do through the air, although I have to say, we need to be mindful of the fact that they’re going to become less effective over time as ISIS responds to our air campaign, and we are not going to win through the air and we have to recognize that, and we have to make sure the Iraqis recognize that.”

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