CNN Admits: Ferguson a 'Media Spectacle'

CNN Admits: Ferguson a 'Media Spectacle'

CNN anchor Don Lemon referred to the events in Ferguson after the shooting of Mike Brown were a “media spectacle” during his live coverage from Brown’s funeral on Monday’s “CNN Newsroom.”  “It’s important … that this turns into something other than just a media spectacle” he said.

Lemon further reported, “I was speaking to Sybrina Fulton, yesterday, Trayvon Martin’s mother, and she said, ‘if I had it my way, I would tell all the dignitaries, all the people who didn’t know him would be cordoned off somewhere out of the camera’s view. This should be for family members and people who knew him. Because those people didn’t know him. They come here for a day or for a week, and they get in the camera spotlight and what have you. They take part in the moment, and then when the cameras go away, they’re gone, as well.’”  

Just before that statement, Lemon read a list of the celebrities and public figures that plan on attending Brown’s funeral.

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