Secure Freedom Minute: Declare War on Shariah

Secure Freedom Minute: Declare War on Shariah

Transcript as follows:

The menacing ruthlessness of the jihadist group that calls itself the Islamic State is prompting some to say the United States should declare war on these increasingly powerful terrorists.

But that would be like declaring war on Hitler’s SS storm-troopers instead of Nazism, or the Soviet KGB instead of Communism.  The Islamic State is just a manifestation of the underlying totalitarian ideology that impels it: Shariah.

The reality is that shariah’s adherents – whether they operate under the banners of, for example, al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran or the Islamic State – have long been at war with us.

So, let us do what we should have done years ago: Declare war on shariah, and wage it as though our lives and posterity depend upon our victory. For indeed they do.

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