Krauthammer: Obama Climate Change Effort 'Incredibly Stupid,' 'Preposterous'

Krauthammer: Obama Climate Change Effort 'Incredibly Stupid,' 'Preposterous'

On Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer slammed the idea floated out by the Obama administration, reported in The New York Times on Wednesday, in which the United States along with other nations would “shame” countries into reducing carbon emissions.

Krauthammer explained why he viewed the pursuit as being based upon “adolescent idealism” and suggested that it wouldn’t work.

“The idea of shaming the butchers of Tiananmen Square, or shaming a country that just a week ago buzzed a U.S. airplane at 20 feet, a country that is expanding into the east of the South China Sea is sort of the dumbest idea since the Russian reset. It is also based on the same assumptions that the Russians and the Chinese and others act the way Obama does – adolescent idealism when it comes to foreign policy. So it is an incredibly stupid idea.”

“The idea you would have an international agreement on climate change is a very good idea,” he continued. “It’s the only one that would work. Anything that we do unilaterally will kill our economy and do nothing. There’s a front page story today on Germany, which abandoning nuclear weapons and nuclear energy and fossil fuels and its economy is sinking as result. You want to have an international agreement, but you want to have a treaty. Even treaties are cheated on, but if you can get China, India and the EU, the Europeans in on a treaty – at least it could be enforced in some way. That would makes sense. But the idea of an agreement where you try to shame them into voluntary cuts is preposterous, but it’s extremely Obamaian.”

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