Rand Paul: Obama 'Can't Just Do What He Wants. He Is Not a King'

Rand Paul: Obama 'Can't Just Do What He Wants. He Is Not a King'

On Wednesday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) excoriated President Barack Obama for his reported “end-around” of Congress to enact climate change policy.

Paul said the act would exceed just an abuse power, but would amount to constitutional crisis.

“Not only is it an abuse of power, I think it almost leads us to a constitutional crisis of sorts,” Paul said. “It’s one thing after another. You know, he says he has no choice but to act. He says he has a pen and a phone and he is going to act. That doesn’t sound like our republic. You know, we have checks and balances. He has done this with global warming. He has also done this with immigration. He has also done this with the war in Libya. He doesn’t seem to grasp the checks and balances. But, if we don’t have checks and balances in this country, you know, that can lead to a real problem.”

Paul pointed out that Congress had previously rejected other measures to deal with so-called climate change and reminded Obama that he was “not a king.”

“Well, the thing is — cap and trade, we reject it — the House rejected cap and trade,” he continued. “So now he is going around democracy. He is doing an end-around Congress. And you can’t imagine that the American public would let him do this, or that we would let him do it, frankly. So, I hope that we will see resolutions and legislation and actual legal action. You know, I support Speaker Boehner’s legal fight to say, you know the president can’t just do what he wants. He is not a king. He has to really get approval from Congress.”

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