Reporter to WH: ISIS Effort 'Minor League'

Reporter to WH: ISIS Effort 'Minor League'

CBS chief White House correspondent Major Garrett described the current efforts by the Obama administration against ISIS as “minor league” during Friday’s White House press briefing.  

After press secretary Josh Earnest touted American military action against ISIS, Garrett responded, “Those bombing raids will be limited and pose little risk of exposure to US forces. It’s still a minor league effort.”  Earnest disagreed, saying “they have been successful in supporting Iraqi and Kurdish Security Forces as they retook the Mosul Dam. They have been supportive and successful in blunting the offensive underway against Erbil.”

Garrett also pressed Earnest on the willingness of the United States to take out ISIS, stating, “If it takes the Iraqis to do this, if we’re not going to be the Iraqi Air Force, and the other partners in the region don’t come in, in ways they are not coming in, ISIL gets to stay.”

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