Krauthammer: Rand Paul 'Hard to Take Seriously'

Krauthammer: Rand Paul 'Hard to Take Seriously'

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’s foreign policy “makes no sense” and that it was “hard to take [Paul] seriously” on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“He walks this line, he makes no sense. The idea that the growth of ISIS is a result of the degrading of the strength of the regime in Damascus, as done by the United States, is preposterous. The criticism of Obama is he hasn’t done anything to make sure that Assad leaves. He could say he has got to leave, he has never lifted a finger. He hasn’t armed the opposition. He hasn’t really helped them in any way except rhetorically. The ones who have been in there are the Iranians, the Russians, and Hezbollah, so he always likes, this is a Paul-ism, he likes to say there’s terrorism, ultimately the cause is the United States meddling. As if our meddling in Syria is the cause of the rise of ISIS. That is simply ridiculously wrong, and it’s hard to take seriously somebody who can say something like that,” Krauthammer said.

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