Buchanan: Obama Wants to be World Citizen on Ebola

Buchanan: Obama Wants to be World Citizen on Ebola

Columnist and author Pat Buchanan argued that President Barack Obama takes his duty as world citizen more seriously than his duty as president in an interview on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Buchanan stated that he agreed 100 percent with Thomas Sowell’s statement that the president holds his belief that he is a world citizen is of greater importance than his duty as president, adding “the first duty of a government, any government, is to protect the lives and safety and health of its people … [there is] carnage over there, catastrophic disease passing through that country. Why in heaven’s name wouldn’t you want to protect our country from what unhappily is happening over there?”

He also said “the least thing we can do, from what we know now, is to have folks quarantined for days before they come back to this country from place likes [Liberia], and shut down the airline travel where everybody can get on to an airliner. This isn’t done out of hatred of Liberia. No country has ever been more generous to Africa than the United States.”

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