Tom Cotton: Immigration a 'Major Issue' in AR Race

Tom Cotton: Immigration a 'Major Issue' in AR Race

U.S. Congressman and candidate for the U.S. Senate Tom Cotton (R-AR) declared the illegal immigration was a “major issue” in his race against incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

Cotton said that on the “major issue” of immigration, “Arkansans think that we need an immigration system that works for working Americans, that starts with border security and enforcing our immigration laws.”

In response to allegations by Pryor that Cotton does not represent the average Arkansan because of his support from individuals outside the state, Cotton stated “there’s actually only one out-of-state supporter of Mark Pryor’s who I worry about: on that’s Barack Obama…Barack Obama needs Mark Pryor in the Senate to support his agenda.”  He also pointed to Pryor’s statement that families made $200,000 a year qualified as “middle class” as evidence that Pryor was “out of touch,” adding “if you think middle class in your communities and in your state is $200,000 a year, it may make a little bit of sense of why Mark Pryor would vote to double or triple the number of guest workers.”

Cotton also assailed Pryor as a “loyal rubber stamp for Barack Obama and Harry Reid,” and blamed Pryor for supporting policies that have created economic malaise in Arkansas.

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