Breitbart’s Gorka: Ebola as a Terror Weapon ‘Can Be Done’

Breitbart’s Gorka: Ebola as a Terror Weapon ‘Can Be Done’

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University and National Security Editor for Breitbart News reacted to a report that Spanish intelligence intercepted messages from terrorists planning to weaponize the Ebola virus on Saturday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Gorka said that while using Ebola as a weapon would require travelling directly to the hot zone and then safely transmitting the virus to the intended target, “it can be done in theory, you just need to do a little bit of research.”

He added that such an attack would be consistent with the mentality of Islamic terrorists, because “for them, their avowed motto is to die in the way of jihad. So you could imagine that instead of being a suicide bomber with a vest full of explosives, you could inject yourself with a disease and then you could become a human bomb if you will. So, absolutely, this fits into the mentality of the Islamic terrorist, the jihadi terrorist. Just another way of fighting for Allah if you will.”

Gorka also laid out the history of terrorists experimenting with chemical and biological weapons, stating “we have had the anthrax attacks. We’ve had definitely al Qaeda, there is video of al Qaeda experimenting with a chemical agent in Afghanistan that we found not long after we invaded. Prior to 9/11, we have of course, Aum Shinrikyo in Japan, they spent millions of dollars on trying to develop biological weapons. Those weren’t successful. But they did in 1995 deploy a homemade nerve agent, a chemical weapon on the Tokyo Metro, injuring thousands and killing 12 people. So there is a history here of terrorists trying to use these kind of agents. The fact of the matter is, biological agents very difficult to do. Very dangerous to those who try to employ them, but chemical weapons are much easier, much cheaper, and much easier to actually deploy, so this isn’t out of the question at all.”

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