Fmr Obama Fundraiser: Dems Shouldn't Take Black Voters for Granted

Fmr Obama Fundraiser: Dems Shouldn't Take Black Voters for Granted

Former Obama fundraiser Don Peebles slammed Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) for her recent statement that President Obama’s unpopularity in the South is partially due to racism and argued that Democrats haven’t looked at issues facing “all Americans, especially African-Americans,” nor should African-American voters “be taken for granted by the Democratic Party” on Monday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“I think that that really doesn’t have a place today in the political discussion,” he stated in response to Landrieu’s comments, “and I think that the Democratic Party needs to look at what current issues are and current challenges facing all Americans, especially African-Americans. If you look at African-American, unemployment among high school dropouts, for example, unemployment is 50%. If you look at overall African-American unemployment it’s almost 12%. If you look at African-American teen unemployment, for example in Chicago, it’s 92%. So, we ought to be talking about issues that really affect people’s lives. So I think looking backwards, or injecting frustration or anger into the political process in order to get re-elected doesn’t have a place today in our government” he said. 

Peebles added that race-baiting “is not helpful for that to be the core of a political discussion. the democratic party, as quiet as it’s kept, does not have a monopoly in terms of looking forward as our nation and looking to take and support Americans. We are an aspirational society and all of us are looking for a better life…and frankly African-Americans should no longer be taken for grant by the Democratic Party.”

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